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Pagi... Libur Idul Fitri telah usai... saatnya kembali ke aktifitas semula.. Kali ini Event Departement akan... https://t.co/jeSIbEstzN
5 days ago reply

Congratulations Private Pilot Exam Passed Rafif Fauzan | VID 491476... https://t.co/xOS0xjSVPU
29 days ago reply

APC Exam has just started at WIMM. Help Tubagus Hardika to earn his second golden star! IFR and VFR traffic are welcome.
31 days ago reply

[IVAO Ramadhan Event] Live update at 1458z, lets join us now !!
32 days ago reply

Malam, Mari ramaikan Event malam ini =D See you on frequency... Best Regards, Event Department
32 days ago reply

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IVAO is a dedicated, independent, free of charge, service to enthusiasts and individuals enjoying and participating in the flight simulation community worldwide.

You will find the IVAO Indonesia website full of resources to make your online flying or controlling enjoyable. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask our staff via the forum or e-mail.

We welcome members with all levels of experience in aviation, from the seasoned pilot/controller to the desktop enthusiast. We provide comprehensive training to members on request.

If you are new to IVAO and require assistance registering or getting online please browse to our new members section.

New Private Pilot


Congratulation to Amin Septyadi/494448, candidate has successfully passed the Private Pilot Exam

New ID-EAC/Bobby Dharmawan


IVAO Indonesia HQ has just appointed Bobby Dharmawan (480832) as Indonesia Events Assistant Coordinator. Congratulation.

New ID-AOAC/Tubagus Hardika


IVAO Indonesia HQ has just appointed Tubagus Hardika (466308) as Indonesia ATC Operations Assistant Coordinator. Congratulation.

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