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All airport listed in FRA, APP downgrade to AS3 except WIII ADC. All airport listed in FRA, TWR/GND to AS2. Happy controlling!
18 days ago reply

We are happy to announce, IVAO Executive Council has decided to appoint Nanda Arfianda as our new ID-ADIR, Indonesia Assistant Director!
57 days ago reply

IVAO Indonesia present WAAF FIR Operation Event 2014 tonight! http://t.co/MwLr64ekA0
64 days ago reply

Congratulation Achmad Ferdi Iskandar (IVAO-EXEC1), has passed the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) rating. First ATP rating from @IVAO_ID
102 days ago reply

Jakarta Real Ops 2014! 11 ATC & 80+ traffics!! Thanks for joining. http://t.co/OabVTBDXcC
119 days ago reply

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IVAO is a dedicated, independent, free of charge, service to enthusiasts and individuals enjoying and participating in the flight simulation community worldwide.

You will find the IVAO Indonesia website full of resources to make your online flying or controlling enjoyable. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask our staff via the forum or e-mail.

We welcome members with all levels of experience in aviation, from the seasoned pilot/controller to the desktop enthusiast. We provide comprehensive training to members on request.

If you are new to IVAO and require assistance registering or getting online please browse to our new members section.

New FRA 2014


New FRA policy has been setup. All airport listed in FRA, APP downgrade to AS3 except WIII ADC. All airport listed in FRA, TWR/GND to AS2.

Airport Quickview updated!


Dear members,

Division FLOPS has been updated airport quickview for WIII, WIMM, WAAA and WARR. PDF files availabe for donwload on quickview section. Thank you!

September Major Event


IVAO Indonesia Division Present : WIII-WSSS Long Train Event 2014.

This event is an airbridge event between Jakarta and Singapore on 5th September 2014 started 13:00UTC - 16:00UTC.
There are 14 airlines added into 140 schedules include many aircraft type. ATC services will be covered from DEL up to CTR on WIIF and WSJC FIR by ID ...

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