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A Virtual Airline (VA) is a dedicated organisation that uses Flight Simulator to model the operations of an airline. These may be mimics of real world airlines or make believe. They aim to provide a realistic aviation experience to flight simulator enthusiasts. There are a large number of VA's around the world consisting of thousands of members from different countries.

Here in the ID Division, we are pleased to support the following ID based VA's:

jetLine Virtual

jetLine is a Virtual Airline Only for FS2004 (FS9) or FSX platform user. Simulated real national airlines operating in Indonesia. Our philosophy is to ensure the realism as much as possible within the limits of Flight Simulator aspect. Created by simmer and real pilot who wants to create a new federative community, real and virtual pilots. This community was intend & created to fill the gap between real world and virtual aviation airlines, as well as simulate airlines flight operation in Indonesia. But that's just the beginning of many other features we have.We also create a fun environment to learn, exchange and fly!


Lion Group Virtual

Lion Group Virtual is an aviation simulation of the real world and national low cost airline in Indonesia, has a career levels ranging from Junior First Officer to higher rating.
Flight routes from their respective airlines adopted from real-life aviation, and use the booking system as well as timetable. There's

To provide member convinience, Lion Group Virtual using simple logging system based on IVAO & SkyJetline ACARs to record your flights.
The organization is run by staff with volunteer, including the professional worker who aviation enthusiast, real active pilots and the young fellow.
With the establishment of Lion Group Virtual, we hope Indonesia simmer community in will grown even larger and can be operate in conjunction with other Indonesia virtual airline.


Sriwijaya Air Virtual

Sriwijaya Air Virtual is a virtual airline designed for virtual pilots using FS2004 and FSX & we are not affiliated with real world Sriwijaya Air. We operate real Sriwijaya Air fleets and schedules virtually. Our aim is to provide maximum realism to the members when flying with us. Also, pilots are required to fly in the IVAO network, adding to the realism when flying. Sriwijaya Air Virtual is a fun environment where we can learn, teach, and fly.

Your flight simulation partner!


Indonesia Air Asia Virtual

We are virtual airline simulating the real operations of Indonesia Air Asia on the MS FS9 and FSX platform. We provide our pilot simplicity in virtual airlines management, while in the same time brings the new virtual flying experience to all of our pilot.

Let's fly red!



If your virtual airline is looking for a stable network, a realistic environment, as well as professional ATC service, IVAO Indonesia is the best solution.

You can register your virtual airline in 3 easy steps:

  1. Read the rules pertaining to virtual airlines on the IVAO Headquarters website
  2. At the bottom of the HQ page, click NEXT to access the Virtual Airline registration form.
  3. Contact a member of IVAO Indonesia Staff to discuss your airline's activities and ATC needs.

IVAO Indonesia will be happy to work with you to provide the most realistic online flying environment to your members.

If you would like your virtual airline added to this page, please contact a member of staff.

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