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What is Special Operations?

Welcome to the Special Operations Department of the IVAO Indonesia Division!

The Special Operations Department is responsible for all non-civil issues on the network. This implies but is not limited to all military, police or rescue operations not complying with the ICAO rules for normal civil procedures.

SO type of flights

There are two major categories of special operations flight, which are :

  • General
  • Military

General SO
Military SO
  • Fire Fighting
  • Police operations
  • Shipwreck assistance
  • Medical assistance
  • SAR flights
  • VIP flights
  • Escort flights (non military)
  • Formation Flight
  • Air-to-Air refueling
  • Carrier practices
  • Low level flights
  • AWACS simulations
  • Visual identification flights

Please remember:

IVAO Rules and Regulations 4.4.5: "On the IVAO network Hi-jacking, war simulation and all other forms of aggression are not allowed."

Guidelines and Policy

More information about Special Operation Guidelines and Policy shall be read on IVAO HQ site here.

Military Section

Those below are some information related on Military Operation

Letter of Agreement


Fill your flightplan with M (military) flight type and follow IVAO General rules and regulations.

Flight Operation

  • Escort flight (escorted & escorter) must put same remarks on all aircraft involved
  • CAT (Category) – B Activity (ex. Combative Operations, both air-to-air as well as air-to-ground, Advance Combat Maneuvers, Task Group Flight, Combat Air Patrols, and Practice Intercepts) can only be conducted under division S.O activiy. No one may conduct interception flight (check CAT-B activity here) without acknowledge from the division S.O Staff.

Speed Restriction

  • Bellow FL100 maximum speed 300kts
  • Above FL140 no restriction speed
  • Training area above FL200 no restriction speed

Altitude Restriction

  • Training Area no restriction altitude
  • VFR altitude maximum FL290 except intercepts and escort flight
  • Above FL290 should be under IFR

Training Areas

    Training Areas is restricted area, civil traffics are not allowed fly over training areas.

    • Iswahyudi Training Area (block FL410)
    • Pamengpeuk Training Area (block FL200)
    • Ranai Training Area (block FL200)


    • - WAAA (Fighter and Surveillance Homebase)
    • - WABB,
    • - WADA,
    • - WADD,
    • - WAHH (Training Homebase),
    • - WAHQ (Training Homebase),
    • - WAHS (Army Homebase),
    • - WAJJ,
    • - WALL,
    • - WAOO,
    • - WAPP,
    • - WAQQ,
    • - WARA (Cargo/Transport and Tactical Fighter Homebase),
    • - WARI (Fighter Homebase),
    • - WARR (Navy Homebase),
    • - WATT,
    • - WIBB (Fighter and Tactical Fighter Homebase),
    • - WICC (Transport Homebase),
    • - WICJ (Air Force Helicopter Homebase),
    • - WIDN (Navy Homebase),
    • - WIHH (Cargo/Transport and VIP Homebase),
    • - WIHK (Air Force Helicopter Homebase),
    • - WIHP (Navy and Army Homebase),
    • - WILL,
    • - WIMK,
    • - WION,
    • - WIOO (Tactical Fighter Homebase),
    • - WITT,

    Training Map

    C A T - A

    C A T - B

    SO Flight Procedures

    Below are some procedure related of special operation in IVAO.

    *some of procedure are refers to IVAO HQ procedure

    IVAO Indonesia Military SO Group

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    For any enquiry please contact our SO Department staff :

    For questions and ideas related to Special Operations, you are free to visit forum here.

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