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24/7 Teamspeak Channel

A Teamspeak channel has been created on the CC Teamspeak server for division members to chat with each other.

To connect to this channel, follow these simple instructions:

  1. In Teamspeak, select "Quick Connect".
    Teamspeak connect

  2. In the "Server address" box enter cc.ts.ivao.aero.
    In "Nickname" enter your VID and name. Use format "VID/name"
    In "Login Name" enter your VID.
    In "Password" enter your 8 digit IVAN password.
    Teamspeak connect

  3. Press "Connect" and you will join the server in the "UNICOM" channel.
    Teamspeak connect

  4. Find the channel "ID_MEMBERS" and double click on it to enter.
    Teamspeak connect

You can also visit the status page to see if anyone is online. This can be viewed here.

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